To design, not to design??????

There are thousands of web firms in this country all trying to tell you why they are better than the next. The truth of the matter is, First impressions are everything in the world of websites. When putting together your presence on the web, you are going to want an identity which includes your logo, your content, and things that are specific to your business. You are in business because there is a particular niche that you are filling, not because you are the same as every other business out there. Using free templates is a good way to fall through the cracks and show your customers that you are no different than the next company.

First Impressions are Everything

Have you ever met with a vendor or salesman and you just didn’t like him or her right away? It could be for a multitude of reasons. Maybe he or she didn’t look you in the eye, maybe the handshake was a “dead fish,” or maybe he just didn’t dress right to convey a professional image.

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